Frequently asked questions
(for participants)

Here are the answers to questions frequently asked by event participants.


It is a global conference of performance marketers held to promote healthy market growth.
This annual event, which started in 2017, will be held for the fourth time in 2020. The summit continues to grow as a global conference that brings together merchants, publishers, and agencies representing Japan and Southeast Asian countries.
For details of the event, please see Overview.

Q. Is a processing fee charged when buying a ticket?

No. A processing fee is not charged to the buyer.

Q.Which payment method is available?

Please pay via wire transfer. Once your participation has been confirmed, we will send you a bill via email. Make your payment into the bank account listed on the bill.

Q.Will I be issued with a receipt?

Yes, a receipt can be issued. If you wish to have a receipt issued, send us your request in response to our billing email.

Q.What is included in the participation fee?

The participation fee includes meet-up time at individual booths, and cocktail party on the first day; and a conference, networking lunch, and award party on the second day.
Please note that, as other expenses are not included, you must pay them yourself.

Q.Are there any discounts for group participation?

We are sorry, but we do not offer discounts for group participation.